Cross Vitamin Immunity C+D+Zinc

Product description

Cross Vitamin Immunity combines three the most important elements for our body, i.e., vitamin C, D and zinc. Vitamin C is the essential building element of the immune system, also acting as an antioxidant. Responsible for the formation of collagen, necessary for blood vessels, healthy teeth and gums. The human body cannot create it and so it relies on its income from various sources. Vitamin D is vital for muscle and bone health. It has a positive effect on disorders of the immune system, which can prevent or even treat. t is an effective way to fight asthma, flu, diabetes or infections. Zinc offers various preventive effects, reduces the formation of inflammation and ensures the healthy development of children.

Effects of zinc on our body:

• helps the body use better the nutrients
• maintains healthy testosterone levels
• reduces the dandruff
• prevents skin from drying
• stimulates the growth and regeneration of nails
• contributes to the proper functioning of the genitals
• helps with greasy hair

Why choose Cross Vitamin Immunity Vitamin C+D+Zinc:

• boosts immunity
• maintains healthy blood vessels, teeth and gums
• effective against infections and inflammation
• healthy growth and development of children

Group D vitamins are also included in this formula, playing an important role not only in the lives of adults but also in children. They are responsible for the healthy development of the human body, especially the bones and teeth.

Group D vitamins should be used in particular by:

• people with immune system disorders
• children as it affects the positive development of bones and brain
• people with the musculoskeletal system issues
• people suffering from high blood pressure
• patients with vascular disorders
• people in need of intensive care for their teeth and gums
• people who are often ill
• people with muscle disorders

Ingredient name Amt Per Serving (mg) % NRV*
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 500 625 %
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 50 1000 %
Zinc 25 250 %

* nutritional reference value